Autosave Your Edit

Autosave Your Edit v2009


Autosave Your Edit allows users to set up an autosave schedule to any editing program in order to prevent data loss. The program gives users the option to set up a time interval when all documents being edited will be autosaved, even if the editing program doesn't have that function.

The main features of Autosave Your Edit include running the program in Run Quickly mode, which autosaves documents in a short interval of time, configure Autosave Your Edit to start with Windows and even set any other programs the user wishes (editing programs, for example) to start with the program.

Another features is the permit/forbid hotkey, which allows the users to turn the autosave function on and off. For users who need a tool to automatically save documents in a determined interval of time, Autosave Your Edit could be an option to consider.